The 15+ Best Furniture Stores in Boston

Congratulations are in order: You just moved into a new place!

Or, maybe it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and you realize your living room couch has a permanent indentation of your tushy and your armchair looks like a WWII relic.

You’ve decided that you’re going to shell out cash for some new furniture.

Well, we just happen to know a few of the best furniture stores in Boston.

So, tame that lurching anxiety about finding an affordable store, put your feet up on that raggedy stool your aunt Helen re-gifted you, and learn about some Beantown furniture outlets.

Jordan’s Furniture

If you’re not familiar with Jordan’s Furniture, you’re probably not a true New Englander.

This store was opened in 1918 in Taunton, Massachusetts. In the last 100 years, it’s grown to nine stores in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

“Jordan’s Furniture—not just a store, an experience!” is the outlet’s famed tagline and it offers a comprehensive catalog of furniture, from beds to pool tables.

If the Taunton store is an inconvenience, check out the Reading or Natick locations!

Address: 100 Stockwell Dr, Avon, MA 02322

Website: Jordan’s Furniture


Did you know that Stoughton, Massachusetts is home to one of two of the only IKEA stores in New England!

You know IKEA’s story. It’s a Scandinavian store that sells an array of affordable hipster chic furniture that all the college students love.

With names like NYMÅNE (floor lamp) and HAUGESUND (spring mattress), this is the perfect store to patronize if you’re looking for stylish and affordable furniture.

The furniture is snazzy and relatively easy to put together!

Address: 1 Ikea Way, Stoughton, MA 02072

Website: IKEA

Adams Furniture

Adams Furniture is a sizable showroom store in Everett, Massachusetts with an impressive offering of furniture.

With just one store, you’re sure to get a customized shopping experience and access to a large catalog. You can spend hours perusing their dining room sets or love seats.

If you’re skeptical, just check out the number of coffee tables they offer. Six hundred dollars for a Hailey Crystal Coffee Table isn’t a bad deal at all!

Address: 394 2nd St, Everett, MA 02149

Website: Adams Furniture

Circle Furniture

This next store has not one, not two… But six locations across Massachusetts.

From the store in Boston’s swanky Back Bay neighborhood to the outlet just north of Boston in Acton, Circle Furniture is a convenient and affordable option for your furniture needs.

This store has been in business nearly 70 years and boasts four guarantees for its furniture: community, craftsmanship, sustainability, and design.

And if you’re still not sold, they also do their best to be eco friendly in their production processes.

Address: 31 St James Ave, Boston, MA 02116

Website: Circle Furniture

Cambridge Antique Market

It’d be a sin to not have at least one antique store on this list.

Enter Cambridge Antique Market, which has a second outlet on Cape Cod in Provincetown. There are five floors with more than 150 small businesses selling a wide range of products, from furniture and books to china sets and toys.

It’s also located in a super convenient area: within walking distance of the Lechmere train station on the Green Line.

Address: 201 Monsignor O’Brien Highway, Cambridge, MA 02141

Website: Cambridge Antique Market

Room & Board

Don’t let the name fool you. There’s way more to this store than just selling furniture.

Room&Board has an extensive catalog of furniture items and offers a free virtual design service to help you make some key feng shui decisions.

This store offers appointments so you can schedule time to talk to a staffer about your furniture needs.

Room&Board is part of a national chain with other stores in Texas, Colorado, and New York (just to name a few).

Address: 375 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

Website: Room & Board


Imagine leaving a corporate career to start your own furniture business and introduce a custom furniture store into the Boston market.

That’s exactly what Saltwoods’s founder Dan Crossman did in 2014.

Crossman was disappointed with the offerings of wood-based products and decided to start his own business to create quality woodworked furniture.

Saltwoods works with businesses and lumber yards across the east coast to find quality wood and produce high-end tables. Zip on over to Watertown and check out their impressive inventory.

Address: 19-C Calvin Rd, Watertown, MA 02472

Website: Saltwoods

West Elm

Boston’s Fenway neighborhood is more than the home of Beantown’s historic baseball stadium. It’s also home to West Elm, a chic and upscale furniture and houseware chain.

This store has a massive catalog and also specializes in furniture for kids.

Still need convincing? Well, what if we told you that the same company that owns West Elm also owns Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma, two retail titans in the home furnishing field?

Um, yeah, enough said!

Address: 160 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215

Website: West Elm


Want to buy some furniture and contribute to a worthy cause? Check out Boomerangs.

With three stores in Boston and one in Cambridge, Boomerangs is owned by the AIDS Action Committee.

The store accepts donated clothes, furniture, home decor, and other knick-knacks and resells them. The profits help support HIV/AIDS programming and services across Massachusetts.

So if you’re interested in donating some furniture (and taking advantage of that tax deduction) or purchasing some, Boomerangs has you covered!

Address: 563 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

Website: Boomerang’s

Metropolitan Furniture

Originally founded in Boston in 1966, Metropolitan Furniture now calls Burlington its home.

The store provides several high-end name brands for its customers and also offers thousands of furniture pieces that can be shipped within 48 hours of your purchase.

Interested in a California King mattress? How about splurging on a chic chaise lounge for your living room? Metropolitan has you covered and has a super easy online experience.

Drop into the store or peruse the furniture online. Either way, you’ll be guaranteed some great furniture!

Address: 45 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803

Website: Metropolitan Furniture

Design Within Reach

Feel the need for an upscale furniture shopping experience? Well, Design Within Reach puts that experience right within your grasp.

With outlets from Austin to Seattle, this boutique has some trendy furniture pieces and offers a sleek curated shopping experience.

Both the Boston and Cambridge stores are open seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm (except on Sundays when it opens at noon and closes at 6 pm).

Check out the clearance section to peruse some stellar deals on furniture and accessories.

Address: 1045 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Website: Design Within Reach

Basics Carpet and Furniture

For all you college students on a fixed budget, Basics Carpet and Furniture is your go-store.

With reasonable prices and free delivery in the Boston area, this store warrants being on your consideration list when thinking about furniture stores to patronize.

Check out the store’s ladder bookcase or its flippable foam mattresses and we dare you not to fall in love with Basics’ selections. The rug selections are impressive also!

Address: 151 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134

Website: Basics Carpet and Furniture

CORT Furniture Outlet

With stores in 30 states, CORT Furniture Outlet claims that it values extending the life cycle of furniture and offers up to 70 percent off of retail prices everyday.

A part of its business strategy is purchasing used furniture and keeping furniture in circulation so as to be as eco friendly as possible.

Where else can you purchase a DVD player for $2.99 or a Blu-ray player for $7.99?

The most important consideration when shopping at CORT: Who the hell still uses DVD and Blu-ray players? Just saying!

Address: 155 N Beacon St, Brighton, MA 02135

Website: CORT Furniture Outlet

City Schemes

The name City Schemes sounds like the name of a dive bar in downtown Boston, but alas, it is not.

It’s actually a very upscale Somerville furniture outlet with an impressive catalogue of contemporary furniture.

An interesting sales tactic this outlet uses is that it doesn’t list prices on any of its items online. Rather, they spring it on you when you’re checking out and ready to make your purchase.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Address: 22 Kent St, Somerville, MA 02143

Website: City Schemes

Joseph van Benten Furnituremakers

Nestled in the super prestigious Chestnut Hill neighborhood in Newton, this mom and pop shop specializes in handmade hardwood furniture.

While the website may be no frills, don’t let that fool you: Joseph van Benten Furnituremakers’ portfolio of furniture is exquisite.

And, as with most things, exquisite work comes with exquisite prices. Try not to let your jaw drop too far when you peep the cost of a dining room table!

Address: 823 Boylston St, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Website: Joseph van Benten Furnituremakers

MIT Furniture Exchange

Cambridge’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most premier academic institutions in the nation. But did you know you can also buy some gnarly furniture there?

MIT Furniture Exchange is a quick 15-minute walk from the Central Square station on the MBTA’s Red Line.

It features used furniture, and get this: Your purchase sends someone to college! Yep, that lightly used sofa you buy will help send a lucky young woman to MIT!

Since 1958, the Exchange has raised more than a million dollars to finance a young person’s academic career.

Address: 350 Brookline St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Website: MIT Furniture Exchange

Lekker Home

Married couple Natalie van Dijk and Curt Carpenter started Lekker Home in the early aughts to provide a custom furniture and decor shopping experience right in the heart of Boston.

Since its beginning, it hasn’t strayed from its humble roots, but has grown its impressive inventory.

If the beautiful furniture doesn’t win you over, the company’s commitment to volunteer work and treating its employees like family will definitely nuzzle its way into your heart.

Come for the furniture, stay for the customer care.

Address: 38 Wareham St, Boston, MA 02118

Website: Lekker Home

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

As soon as you land on Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ website, you’re immediately treated to a breezy and sophisticated video of interior designer Brigette Romanek talking about her craft.

You know immediately that this store doesn’t play around when it comes to furniture and you’re in for a highly curated shopping experience.

With an aspiration to bring “livable luxury to life,” this outlet has a store in Boston, Natick, and Burlington and has an aesthetic that screams “elegance” at the top of its lungs.

Address: 142 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116

Website: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Modern Relik

While it’s name may be a contradiction, there’s no mistaking Modern Relik as anything other than a high-end boutique.

Most of its pieces hail from Europe and there’s no doubt that this store caters to those who want a luxurious and lush living space.

Ever heard the French term Objet d’art? It means works of art other than paintings, sculptures, prints, or drawings. It also means that you’re going to spend a pretty penny at this store.

Don’t believe us? Try not to have a stroke when you learn how much a leather bowl costs.

Address: 485 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Website: Modern Relik

Bernie and Phyl’s Furniture

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably scratching your head and asking, “Why the heck haven’t they mentioned Bernie and Phyl’s?”

If you’re a hardy New Englander, you know how the jingle goes: “Bernie and Phyl’s quality, comfort, and price! That’s nice!”

Well, here you go. There’s no better way to end this list then with the furniture juggernaut.

With six stores in Massachusetts, two in New Hampshire, and one in Maine, this New England staple is known for its wide selection, great customer service, and those corny commercials.

The prices can’t be beat, either!

Address: Various

Website: Bernie and Phyl’s Furniture